Corporate Security Solutions

No matter the scale of your business, our unique approach allows us to customise our use of the latest techniques and technologies in corporate security.

Corporate Security Solutions

Knighthill has been helping businesses improve security protocols and system implementations for over 17 years. Through the years, we’ve developed a greater understanding about the unique and individual security needs of clients across all industries.

Our full suite of services coupled with our collaboration with some of the biggest security providers guarantees a powerful support system for your business, reinforced by the industry's most intelligent monitoring system.

Secure your business and ensure peace of mind with Knighthill's Corporate Security services.

Our Services

CCTV Systems

Our CCTV systems provide your corporate offices and buildings with state-of-the-art monitoring technology to ensure the safety of your premises.


Powered by the sun and connected by the Cloud, the Solarcam provides you with a high definition monitoring system that is fully self-contained and wireless.

Alarm & Access Control Solutions

We like to cut back on the clutter while keeping control.

Intercom Systems

It's always important to stay in touch with your in-house security team and operations department.

Automated Gates

Ensure peak protection for your business and its compound with Knighthill's automated gate system.

Alarm Monitoring

We help you improve the response time of your security systems and its central stations by monitoring its fire, theft, and burglar alarm systems.

Mobile Patrols

We take no chances and leave no blind spots when it comes to our security patrols.

Alarm Responses

In the event that an alarm does trigger on your premises, Knighthill Security will ensure all protocols are performed by the responding security team.

Executive Security

Being part of the upper level of management can have its perks and its risks. Knighthill's executive security solution strives to keep the VIPs of business - and their family and assets - safe through risk identification, safety protocol training, and highly trained security detail.

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Our Process

Your Security Is Our Utmost Priority

At Knighthill Security we take your security seriously. But it’s more than just keeping your premise, assets, and employees safe, we want you to have the best experience working with us.

Our Trusted Security Suppliers

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We will work closely with you to deliver the right solution for all your Residential, Retail, Corporate, or Industrial security needs.

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