Industrial Security Solutions

As experts in the security industry, Knighthill offers its speciality in implementing and integrating a wide range of safety systems to protect your operation as a whole — no matter the size. We offer expertise in addressing access control, visitor and vendor management, as well as state-of-the-art Industrial security monitoring systems.

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Why industrial security matters

It goes without saying that investing in industrial security and business monitoring ensures the safety of your employees, assets, and business premises. Employing an experienced team of security specialists like Knighthill Security guarantees that your business is protected against threats like intruders, burglary, vandalism, and theft.

We don’t just offer surveillance, we offer security. We take that extra step towards providing you with an assortment of services that go beyond the installation, integration, and maintenance of security systems. We also offer an experienced hand at hosting and managing all aspects of your access control systems to give you peace of mind when it comes to your business’ security.

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Our services

Alarm, Intercom & CCTV Installation

Nothing soothes the mind better when it comes to security than having eyes and ears on the premises at all hours of the day. We offer alarm, intercom, and CCTV installation services to keep your premises protected from external and internal threat.

Security System Service and Maintenance

Keeping your premise safe is a 24-hour commitment, and we make it easier by providing you with an around-the-clock security monitoring service. Featuring state-of-the-art alarm systems and intuitive controls, our team of experts will ensure that you get only the best service for your money.

Security patrols and alarm responses

Knighthill offers a comprehensive variety of security patrols and alarm responses for premises of all sizes. Whether it’s acts of loitering, vandalism, or simply suspicious behaviour, our security patrols keep unruly hoodlums at bay.

industries we serve

Banking and Finance

As large institutes of finance and income, there are always risks when handling money. Knighthill combats the potential for burglary and theft with advanced alarm security systems on all access points, maintenance for all fire, video, and emergency communication systems, and round-the-clock CCTV central control hub monitoring.

Government and Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure industries all face unique challenges according to their specialisations. Whether it’s mining, maritime, or aviation industries, Knighthill creates customised security plans to cater to the individual needs of each industry.

Educational Institutions

When it comes to protecting the next generation, we don’t pull our punches. Educational institutions of all sizes and levels are reinforced with measures like access ID control, CCTV systems, mobile patrols, and alarm security systems.

Manufacturing or Industrial Premises

With an industry like manufacturing and industrial services, its physical premises face unique risks like pilfering, activist disruption, and contamination. Knighthill creates a proactive security plan to greatly reduce asset and reputation loss. We provide services from perimeter security patrols and monitor surveillance systems, to fire and alarm monitoring.


As per our retail security page, Knighthill takes some key measures to securing your retail business, including EAS gates, safes, and access control equipment.

Healthcare and Aged Care Facilities

A safe and comfortable environment is vital to the recovery time of the unwell. As such, Knighthill takes our role very seriously in providing healthcare facilities with highly-trained security teams, round-the-clock surveillance systems, and screening measures to prevent theft and other security threats.

Transport Logistics and Wholesale

Transporting high-value products and goods come with risks and dangers of their own. Beyond simply securing physical buildings and docks, we create comprehensive security plans that cover the entire supply chain, from loss prevention to recovery.

Property Management

Whether your property consists of a single or multiple-site complex, we put our years of expertise in security to good use but providing high quality CCTV systems, rotating mobile patrols, access control, and various customisable security measures to best suit your property requirements.

Our Process

1. Appraise

We visit your site and check your business premises to identify risks.

We also review your concerns to analyse the best solution required to protect you and your employees from impending threats.

Knighthill Security diligently examines your current system and checks for loopholes that might lead to poor security.

2. Consult

With the risks identified, we provide you with a consultation, transparency guaranteed.

We inform you of the threats and provide you with options and procedures most suitable for improving the security of your business.

3. Implement

If you accept the proposals put forth from our consultation, Knighthill Security will begin the implementation of security measures.

We take note of all high-traffic areas and high-risk zones, and dispatch a professional team of technicians and systems engineers to install all necessary systems.

Our industry experts will also provide briefing to you and all necessary staff on ways to best maximise the use of these security systems.

4. Feedback and review

We check back on you after a week to see if the newly-implemented systems are performing according to your expectations.

We review what else that may require our assistance and ensure that everything is working in its full potential.

Should you experience any hiccoughs with your new systems, our security experts will propose necessary alterations and alternatives to better suit your specific needs.

5. Optimise

Our team of technicians and systems engineers further strengthens your systems from our backend to ensure that everything is working in its best functionality.

Knighthill Security’s responsive technical and customer support team ensures that all your concerns are addressed quickly – keeping your security at peak.

Your Security Is Our Utmost Priority

At Knighthill Security we take your security seriously. But it’s more than just keeping your premise, assets, and employees safe, we want you to have the best experience working with us.

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