Retail Security Solutions

Whether it’s shoplifting or employee theft, we’ve made a name for ourselves as one of the top choices for retail security in the industry. From clothing and apparel stores to gadget shops, Knighthill Security provides a full suite of protective and proactive security services for businesses of all sizes.

Risks surrounding retail

Internal and external retail theft accounts for 1.47% of all retail revenue loss. Of that amount, 48% of these cases alone are from employee theft. Employee theft is rapidly becoming the most serious problem faced by local businesses, with shoplifting a close second at 32%.

This makes it crucial for businesses to equip their retail stores with advanced systems that can proactively eliminate revenue losses. Having a dedicated surveillance system in times of theft and shoplifting reduces the possibility of having significant losses in revenue.

Our Services

EAS gates

Prevent shoplifting through highly-sensitive electronic article surveillance systems. Protect your goods and your store inventory of any size from theft with Knighthill’s EAS gates and expect up to 80% reduction in external theft.


Secure your cash and high-risk belongings from internal and external theft within the sturdiest tamper-proof and damage-resistant safes from Knighthill Security.


When it comes to storing high-risk goods and assets in your retail business, Knighthill Security’s highly-responsive alarm systems provide you with proactive preventative measures for handling risks of theft and break-ins.

Access control equipment

Ensure that only authorised personnel gain access to your store's sensitive information and goods with Knighthill Security’s tamper- and fool-proof access control system. From managerial offices to docking bays, our systems can be personalised to your retail business’ unique requirements.

CCTV systems

Equip your stores with high-end closed-circuit monitoring systems to ensure that all areas are monitored to prevent the likelihood of theft or store damage.

Intercom systems

No matter the size of your retail business, keeping in touch with staff members is vital throughout a business day. Our intercom system allows you to communicate and keep track of your employees and in-house security team.

Mobile patrols

When it comes to monitoring the heavy foot traffic of a retail business, Knighthill employs a team of attentive mobile patrol unit to ensure the safety of your premises to give you peace of mind while running your business.

Alarm monitoring

Retail businesses tend to fall victim to false alarms with their security systems, oftentimes intentional and (mostly) innocent. We work to prevent such situations by monitoring your fire, theft, and burglar alarm systems. By doing so, we track instances of false alarms, intentional or otherwise, to dispatch the appropriate response units.

Alarm responses

Should an alarm trigger on your premises, Knighthill Security will assess the situation and dispatch the appropriate security teams. By doing so, we ensure all protocols are adhered to while performing their tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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